Trick or Treat Halloween Wall Tapestry

  • Beware: our trick or treat Halloween wall tapestry might frighten guests! This design was inspired by the traditional haunted house, with its gothic architecture and spooky atmosphere. An intense orange sky in the background enhances the effect.

    An abandoned house rests on an overgrown hilltop, appearing in black silhouette. The stylized home has peaked roofs with a cat weathervane and curled gutters. Round and square paned windows line each wall. A colony of bats soars in all directions, circling the building and its grinning pumpkin. A grave marker and tree grow just below while a cloudy sky parts long enough to reveal a full orange moon. The words 'Trick or Treat' are scrawled in a scary font across the bottom. Display all October long or save for trick or treat night!

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